Patch Note List
  1. To Protect and Freeze
Unity To Protect and Freeze
  1. New Archetype: Protector – Utilises Melee and Buff Powers*
  2. Two new Powersets – Snow Beast Powerset for Blasters*
  3. Telepathy for Defenders (Looking at info does cause a crash at the moment)*
  4. Proliferated Energy Melee for Scrappers (Special Thanks to HixxyDubz and the Sanctuary/Ascension team)
  5. Controllers and Dominators now have pets at level 1
  6. Power Pools pre-requisites have been removed although level lock still applies
  1. Energy Melee should now be showing correctly in Scrapper Melee
  2. Protector Buffs have now been Buffed and should be comparable to Corruptors
  3. Protectors now have access to enhancement sets.
  4. Snowbeast and Telepathy also have access to enhancement sets.
  5. Super Secret Special things (secret until you find it)
  6. Sorcerous Blast (Defender)
  7. Primalist AT